Item 1909/49 Timms

State Records Archive
Consignment: 652
Item: 1909/0049
Title: Recognisances. Sundry – H.O. Timms, Darlot Bros, A. Murray, Cheeky re

Keywords: Mardie Station, Harry Timms

Mardie Station, Onslow
1 Jan 1909
To: Chief Protector Aboriginals, Perth
Dear Sir,
There are two half caste aboriginals here, one a girl about sixteen and a boy about fourteen. I would like to take these two south with me.
I will be leaving the station, about 1st week in February.
I would like reply re this matter as soon as possible.
I desire to make servants of these two aboriginals and pay a small wage and would like to see them better cared for than knocking about a nigger camp.
My wife has taken a fancy to the girl and I could make the boy very useful.
I will be living down south after February near Broomehill.
I am not certain of conditions to be fulfilled in connection with half castes but would gladly comply with any. The above mentioned half castes have been on Mardie about three years.
The girl was born on the Ashburton at Forests or De Pledges and is married to a nigger here but I must say it seems a great shame to see her knocking about amongst niggers.
The boy was born at Chugmarra adjoining Mardie in O’Gradys time since purchased by Mardie.
As far as I remember the boy would be about 3 years old at that time and was then in Onslow for some years. Mother since dead. Supposed fathers of above one at Ashburton, other at Marble Bar.
Yours faithfully,
H O Timms

Mr Pechell
Wire permission to bring these two half castes down to Perth under the usual conditions.
C F Gale

To: H O Timms, Mardie Station, Onslow
Permission bring two half-castes south granted provided both and native husband consenting parties and that you sign recognisance for their return presume your wife accompanies you. See Barry Onslow, sign recognisance.
C F Gale

To Barry, Protector Aborigines, Onslow
Timms Mardie Station has permission bring two half-castes South provided all parties consent and that Timms signs recognisance before you for return natives and guarantees sufficient money presumes Mrs Timms accompanies husband. Send copy recognisance.
Chief Protector Aborigines

Katitjin Notes:

Timms, Harry Oliphant (1870-1942)
Harry Oliphant was born in Victoria, son of a station owner, and came to WA with the Coolgardie gold rush in 1893. With A R Richardson, his wife’s father, he was joint owner of Mardie Station, near Roebourne, before moving in 1909 to develop a stud sheep farm in Gnowangerup. He was a JP in Roebourne until 1909, and was “remembered as a man among men – kindly and genial – an honourable gentleman.” However, he was clearly condescending in his attitude towards Aboriginal people, whom he referred to as “niggers.”

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