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1898 – 1908 Department of Aborigines and Fisheries Series 1644, Consignment 652
The following description of this series is from the SROWA website:

The files in this series are jacketed by subject and numbered consecutively as created; numbering starts at the beginning of each year. For the first two years files contain inward letters only, but the jackets often bear notes on action taken or at least some sort of comment. The cover sometimes bears a draft reply. From 1901 onward press copies of outward letters are included.

Subjects dealt with include admission of children to native missions, the appointment of witnesses for native contracts, relief and general matters similiar to those dealt with by the Aborigines Protection Board. Early files contain correspondence between the ex-Secretary of the abolished Aborigines Protection Board and the new department with regard to the transfer of responsibility for native welfare, as well as circulars to Protectors of Aborigines drawing attention to their widespread duties and responsibilities.

(Files in this Record Series were previously listed at the State Records Office at reference: AN 1/2; Accession 255).

An Index to the Chief Protector of Aborigines Files 1898 – 1908 lists all Aboriginal people mentioned in these files.


Notes on relevant background information on the people and events mentioned in the record are written at the end of each item, under the heading “Katitjin Notes”:

Please note that not all the pages of the original file are included in these transcripts: pages that are repeated or which have only a heading sheet that duplicates information given on other pages are not transcribed; also, the order of the transcript is by date, although in the original file the pages may not be in date order. Spelling is left as given in the original.

Consignment 255 (microfiche):

Item: 1900/0363
Title: J. Isdell, Nullagine. Native question general in district
Keywords: Coorabung (Charley), James Isdell, George Olivey, Axel Ostlund, Marble Bar, Nullagine

Item: 1907/0188
Title: Reverend A Burton, Middle Swan. Mrs A Hester of Bullsbrook has 2 half-caste girls in her care – wishes to retain them
Keywords: Matilda Hester, Rev A Burton, Yintheebung (Minnie), Yandirrthyango (Lizzie)

Item: 1908/0332
Title: J Isdell, Broome. General report (as Travelling Protector), John McCarthy
Keywords: James Isdell, Broome, Willy Creek, Barred Creek

Item: 1908/0966
Title: Ration to indigent natives Lower Murchison. Proposed reduction in rates at Cue, Nannine, Mt magnet, Peak Hill.
Keywords: rations, Cue, Nannine, Mt Magnet, Peak Hill, police, Aboriginal protectors