1909 – 1920

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1909 – 1920 Department of Aborigines and Fisheries Series 1644, Consignment 652
The following description of this series is from the SROWA website:

This series contains both inward and outward correspondence, filed by subject. File covers vary considerably since a number of files were taken over from other departments (notably the Police Department, the Chief Secretary’s Office and the previous Aborigines Department). In these cases, files covers were stamped with the imprint of the Aborigines and Fisheries stamp and a new file number was added within the stamp impression.

The State Records Office created a separate listing for the files with fisheries content in the 1980’s (this listing was filed in with other Fisheries Department file lists at AN 108). However, the original provenance of these records has now been re-established. As such, this series covers the whole of consignment 652 which comprises files with both Aborigines and Fisheries content (as well as administrative files without specific Aborigines or Fisheries content).

Subjects the files deal with include missions, lock hospitals, contracts and permits, native cattle stations, exemptions from the Aborigines Act, relief and inspection, as well as matters to do with fisheries and fauna.

About Department of Aborigines 1909-1920

Charles Frederick Gale (1860-1928) was Chief Protector of Aborigines from 1907 to 1915. You can read his biography at ADB.

Edmund Donald Pechell was Henry Prinsep and Charles Gale’s Clerk and seemingly also, sometimes, Acting Chief Protector of Aborigines between 1905 and 1908. From the Find and Connect website: The role of Donald Edmund Pechell in the Department in the early part of the twentieth century gives an insight into its work and structure. In 1905, giving testimony to the Roth Royal Commission, Pechell was reported (Western Mail, 18 February 1905, p.12) as being a ‘Clerk, Accountant, Etc.,’ in the Aborigines Department. Pechell was asked about his duties and said: ‘I attend to correspondence, all the accounts of the office, distribution of blankets, and all other work, with the exception of the administration, when Mr. Prinsep [the Chief Protector of Aborigines] is in Perth. When he is absent I have to attend to everything.’ Tilbrook, in Nyungar Tradition, p.37) refers to Pechell as ‘Acting Chief Protector’ in 1908 so it is possible that Pechell’s tenure extended across both Prinsep and Gale’s administration.


Notes on relevant background information on the people and events mentioned in the record are written at the end of each item, under the heading “Katitjin Notes”:

Please note that not all the pages of the original file are included in these transcripts: pages that are repeated or which have only a heading sheet that duplicates information given on other pages are not transcribed; also, the order of the transcript is by date, although in the original file the pages may not be in date order. Spelling is left as given in the original.

Consignment 652 (microfiche):

Item 1909/0002: Derby. William Eardley desires marry half caste girl
Keywords: marriage; William Eardley; John McCarthy

Item 1909/0003: Journal of W.P.C. Delfs (730) from 10 – 13th Dec while taking provisions and mails to Dorre and Bernier Islands from Carnarvon
Keywords: Ernest Delfs; Robert Lack; Dorre Island; Bernier Island; Dr Thomas Lovegrove; Lock Hospitals; health

Item 1909/0004: Aboriginal Native Jacky Wyndham returning to his native country Turkey Creek
Keywords: Jacky Wyndham; Joseph Kelly; George Scott; Turkey Creek; Wyndham; Narrogin; labour; police

Item 1909/0005: Thomas Byass and wife and Migebung – recognisance entered between – for return Marble Bar
Keywords: Migebung alias Rosie; Thomas Byass; labour, Marble Bar

Item 1909/0007: Trilbys three children. Disposal of re
Keywords: Trilby, Michael Brophy, Magging, Paddy, Tommy, Rev Alfred Burton, Salvation Army Home Kalgoorlie, Swan Native and Half-Caste Mission, missions, Boulder, Woolgas, Coolgardie

Item 1909/0009: Bernier Island – water supply
Keywords: Bernier Island, Frederick Lovegrove, Lock hospitals, health

Item 1909/0010: W.A. Beaumont. Marriages – Application on behalf of Margarito Maghanoy (Manilaman) to marry a half-caste girl ‘Marcilla’
Keywords: Marcilla Marsellino, Margarito Maghanoy, marriage, Beagle Bay Mission, Jose Marsellino, George Moss, Josephine Marshall, Drysdale River Mission, Nicholas Emo, Walter Beaumont, Josef Bischofs, Broome, missions

Item 1909/0011: Relief to natives by Mr A Crossman
Keywords: Bobby Teetum, Janie aka Nellie, Eliza aka Liza, Alan Crossman, William Cahill, Peter, Meckering, Cumminin Station, Doodlekine, labour

Item 1909/0013F.P. Huchinson, Newlgalup (upper Blackwood) Re disposal of Aboriginal Native boy lately in employ Mr Meagher
Keywords: Thomas Hutchinson, James Strapp, Gerald Meagher, Gerald Hester, Bridgetown, Blackwood River, labour

Item 1909/0015Lock Hospital – fit subjects for
Keywords: Lock hospitals, Mulga Downs Station, Winnie, Cooberong, Wineri, Richard Pilmer, Arthur Adams, Oobagooma Station, Bernier Island, Dorre Island, Cuteen, Yambanum, Jimmy, Elvire Station, Ruby Plains Station, James Isdell, health

Item 1909/0016Bangemall – Native Affairs
Keywords: Monkey, Banjo, Tambourene, Jennie, Robert Wilkinson, Bangemall, Mt Phillip Station, Alfred Oakley, labour

Item 1909/0019: Boolgin – Native Affairs
This file is unavailable to the public because it has been declared by the Dept for Aboriginal Affairs as containing “exceptionally sensitive” material.

Item 1909/0020Wiluna – Native Affairs
Keywords: Birriliburu, William Walter, Nabberu, Wiluna, Wandaroo, Banyie, Yarran, Agot, Willie, Lena

Item 1909/0021: Vacancies in Aboriginal Dept. applications for

Item 1909/0022Claremont – Native Affairs
Keywords: Wyndham, Claremont

Item 1909/0023Mangaroon Station. Relief to natives
Keywords: Mangaroon Station, Jarra-a-Jarra, Murra Bullboo, Jinnabiddy, Yeldebba, Jemimah, Cranky Jonney, Arthur Abbott

Item 1909/0025Messrs Bell & Male, Weedong. Relief to natives
Keywords: Toorgabur, Juigabur, Joongabur, Coongoo, Billy, Molge, Sambo, Archie Male, Weedong Station, James Isdell, Beagle Bay Mission, Nicholas Emo, Josef Bischofs, Cygnet Bay Mission, Lacepede Islands, Harry Hunter, pearling, pastoral stations, Kimberley, Boolgin, health

Item 1909/0026: Ellensbrook home File empty – cover only

Item 1909/0028N.H. Cusack. Benmore. Renewal permit to employ 2 native women
Keywords: William Cusack, Inthanoona Station, Tambrey Station, Johnny Ong, Carrie Ong, labour

Item 1909/0029AJunction Police Station. Relief to indigent natives
Keywords: Edward Spry, Junction Station, Charles Clark, Easton & Co, police, pastoral stations

Item 1909/0029BDanee Creek. Relief to natives
Keywords: Dairy Creek Station, Edward Spry, Rose Fitzpatrick, police, pastoral stations

Item 1909/0031Swan Native & Half Caste Mission
Keywords: Thomas Newell, Phoebe Newell, Swan Native and Half-Caste Mission, Alfred Burton, education, missions

Item 1909/0033Aborigines – Employment of people requiring natives
Keywords: William Pickering, John Atkinson, Jeremiah McClune, Kaloorup, Southern Cross, Mount Jackson Station, Mogumber, New Norcia, Canterbury, labour 

Item 1909/0035Exemptions from Aborigines Act of 1905. H. Hunter’s children
Keywords: Harry Hunter, Gypsy Watson, Jennie Hunter, Nellie Hunter, exemption certificates

Item 1909/0036Paddy alias ‘Neery Jack’ – re sending him from Wyndham to Port Darwin
Keywords: Paddy, Newry Jack, Wyndham, Port Darwin, Argyle Downs Station, pastoral stations, labour

Item 1909/0040: G.C. Smith. Manunka Mission, River Murray. Application for permission that 2 missionaries be allowed to extend work in N.W. of W.A.
Keywords: Manunka Mission, missions, missionaries, George Smith

Item 1909/0041Native Affairs – Bremer Bay
Keywords: Edward Hanna, Bremer Bay, Hoppy Briton, rationing

Item 1909/0042“Lilly” indentured to Mrs Buckland
Keywords: Lilly, Sam Muggleton, Turkey, Frog Hollow, Arthur Buckland, John McCarthy, James Isdell, labour, missions, Beagle Bay Mission, Wyndham

Item 1909/0046Clothing for indigent natives
Keywords: Bernier Island, Dorre Island, Lock Hospitals, Boolgin Station, Bangemall, Bremer Bay, Broome, Carnarvon, Cranbrook, Cue, Dairy Creek, Cossack, Derby, Esperance, Gascoyne, Halls Creek, Kanowna, Katanning, Kellerberrin, Lawlers, Mandurah, Mt Magnet, Mt Phillip, Mulline, Nannine, Norseman, Northampton, Nullagine, Onslow, Peak Hill, Roebourne, Sharks Bay, Whim Creek, Wiluna, Yalgoo, Yathalla Station, Charles Fartiere, Henry Brodribb, clothing

Item 1910/0318James Isdell. Queensland. Aboriginal woman and half-caste son of late John McKenzie, Frog Hollow
Keywords: Frog Hollow Station, John MacKenzie, James Isdell, Sam Muggleton, McGrath, Beagle Bay

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