Item 1909/0028

State Records Archive
Consignment: 652
Item: 1909/0028
Title: N.H. Cusack. Benmore. Renewal permit to employ 2 native women

Keywords: William Cusack, Inthanoona Station, Tambrey Station, Johnny Ong, Carrie Ong

Midland Junction
To: Chief Protector of Aborigines
Dec 24, 1908
Dear Sir,
Mrs Cusack’s permit to employ two abor. native women expires at the end of the current year. Please instruct me where to apply for a renewal. I have allready applyed to the court house Midland Junction and they referred me to you.
With the complyments of the season,
I am, yours faithfully,
W H Cusack

To: W H Cusack, Benmore, Midland Junction
15th Jan 1909
Will you please forward me the names of the two domestic native servants Mrs Cusack wishes a permit for. I am prepared to renew the permit, under the condition that you pay to each of the girls the sum of six shillings per week, two shillings of which is to be paid to each girl, and the balance to be forwarded to me, to be placed to their credit to a trust account, at the Government Savings Bank.
I have the honor to be, Sir, your obedient servant,
Chief Protector of Aborigines

Midland Junction
To: Chief Protector of Aborigines
Jan 22, 1909
Dear Sir,
Yours 13/312 to hand. The names of the two girls are Johnny Ong, alias Mary, and Carrie Ong, alias Eva. I note you will renew permit on condition the girls are paid 6/- a week each. Might I suggest that 4/- of this be paid to each girl and 2/- placed to their credit. These girls already spend about £1 per month each and only allowing them 2/- a week will probably annoy them. I would like you to make this slight alteration if possible, also I would ask if a monthly payment to you will be satisfactory and how you are to be satisfied that the natives have received their wages here. These women ultimately wish to return to the North, will their passages be paid from their accumulated savings, as up to now I have considered myself responsible for this. I would like you to send someone up from the office if possible to arrange this and see the natives. I could arrange to meet whoever you send as we live three miles from Midland Junction.
Yours faithfully,
W H Cusack

Katitjin Notes:

William Henry Cusack (1865-1915)
Born in Ireland, by the early 1890s, William Henry Cusack was a jackaroo and blacksmith on Inthanoona Station, 190 kms south of Roebourne. Inthanoona was amalgamated with Tambrey Station in 1892, at which time William became the Station manager, and in 1902 he became joint lease-holder with Henry Meares. William was married to Catherine MacKay, who had previously lived at Mundabullangana sheep station, on the Yule River, about 100 kms south of Port Hedland, with her brothers until her marriage in 1893. When he died in 1915, Tambrey station was taken over by his son Thomas.

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