Item 1909/0029A

State Records Archive
Consignment: 652
Item: 1909/0029A
Title: Junction Police Station. Relief to indigent natives

Keywords: Edward Spry, Junction Station, Charles Clark, Easton & Co

The Junction
To: Mr E J Spry, Officer in Charge, Junction Police Station
Dear Sir,
Having completely run out of flour and sugar, owing to non-arrival of supplies, I am compelled to request that you will kindly ration indigent natives with their usual allowance, they have been freely supplied up to night of 28th inst.
I am writing to my firm re position I am placed in and they will no doubt acquaint the Protector of Aborigines re my action, and the Protector no doubt will in turn advise you.
Yours faithfully
Charles Clark
For Easton & Co, Junction Branch

Junction Station
29th Nov 1908
To: The Chief Protector of Aborigines, Perth
Your telegram of 21st inst to hand and your instructions noted re indigent natives. I respectfully beg to attach a letter received by us dated 29th inst from Mr C Clark, Sub-Manager for Easton & Coy of the Junction re indigent natives handed over to them by me on the 1st September last. I took the natives over on the above date 29th inst and rationed the natives as previously done by me: 8 lbs flour, 1/2 lb sugar, 1/4 lb tea, two sticks tobacco & pipes & medicine when required (per week). For the past month I have supplied Easton & Coy in flour & sugar to ration the natives through them not supplying this branch with stores. As they have been trying to dispose of this business, they took over the natives.
While they were in my charge for eight years & since Easton & Coy took them over I have supplied dogs to catch kangaroos for them.
Yours respectfully,
E J Spry

Katitjin Notes:

Edward James Spry (1871-1944)
Edward Spry was a policeman in the Gascoyne Junction region from 1898 to 1910, and was made a Protector of Aborigines in 1906. He continued to work in the North-West at Port Hedland and Broome until 1924, when he transferred to Katanning as the Protector of Aborigines for that district. Spry was at Boulder Police Station from 1928-1933, when he transferred to Fremantle. When he retired in 1937, after 42 years of service, his career was eulogised in the Perth Mirror newspaper.

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