Item 1909/0036

State Records Archive
Consignment: 652
Item: 1909/0036
Title: Paddy alias ‘Neery Jack’ – re sending him from Wyndham to Port Darwin

Keywords: Paddy, Newry Jack, Wyndham, Port Darwin, Argyle Downs Station, pastoral stations, labour

Key phrase:
[The real reason for the proposed deportation of Paddy?]
“…apart from being an individual source of annoyance to the settlers he is also educating & by his council poisoning the minds of other natives against the White man.” (Constable Ryan, policeman)

East Kimberley District, Halls Creek Station
Sept 14th 1908
Report of Const J J Ryan, relative to aboriginal native Paddy’s return to his country Port Darwin.
I beg to report that on the 27th August 08 in company with Carol Taylor, I arrested aboriginal native Paddy alias Newry Jack vide complaint of Robert McRoberts (see Occurrence 16th August 08) carrier, Hall’s Creek, whilst a 2nd charge of goat killing was also preferred. On the latter charge Paddy was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment while the original charge was withdrawn.
Paddy who is a native of Port Darwin is anxious to return to his country. He is about 40 yrs of age and arrived in Kimberley some 10 yrs ago with a man named Thomas McKell then manager of the Victoria Station on the Territory with cattle. McKell after disposing of his cattle at Wyndham returned to his station, while Paddy entered into employment with Messrs Connor, Doherty & Durack and for them worked at Wyndham Argyle Station and Kalgoorlie. Leaving Kalgoorlie Paddy returned to Broome some years back and since then has worked for various employers including the Police. Though thoroughly civilised he is a menace to the residents of the district in being a confirmed thief and bully. So assertive and bounceful* has he latterly become that he cannot now obtain employment.
Personally I think it would be very wise to have arrangements if possible made to have this native sent back to his country per one of the Port Darwin boats calling at Wyndham as apart from being an individual source of annoyance to the settlers he is also educating & by his council poisoning the minds of other natives against the White man.
His sentence does not expire until Feb 27th 09 but the R. M. when sentencing stipulated that should arrangements be completed in the meantime before the expiration of his sentence for deporting the native! The sentence to terminate on the date of his embarkation.
I am sending the native to Wyndham to comply with the sentence but may mention that the R. M. as Aboriginal Protector if required will give every assistance to have Paddy deported should the provisions stipulated in the sentence prove to be ultra vires.
Stipulations provided for in Warrant of Commitment.
J J Ryan
[*”bounceful” is a Cockney slang word, from the late 19th century, meaning arrogant and domineering]

To the Commissioner of Police
This native Paddy alias Newry Jack has a very bad character – would the Aborigines Dept pay his fare from Wyndham to Port Darwin.
J McCarthy,
Acting Sub Inspector

To: The Chief Protector of Aborigines
Submitted for your consideration. The native’s sentence expires at Wyndham on 27th Feb 1909
Commissioner of Police

To Commissioner of Police
I don’t suppose there is any chance of finding this man McKell who brought the native from Pt Darwin and making him pay for the boys passage back to his home. If not I am prepared to pay deck passage from Wyndham to Pt Darwin as I think it may be the cheapest thing to do in the long run.
C F Gale

Sergt Buckland
Have abo nat Paddy @ Newry Jack sent to Port Darwin first boat. Have inquiry made for McKell with the view of tracing his present whereabouts.
Please state the cost of the fare to Pt Darwin
J McCarthy
acting Sub Inspr

Acting Sub Inspr McCarthy, Derby
Native Paddy @ Newry Jack was sent to Port Darwin and left here on 24th ult. The R. M. having received instructions from Comptroller of Prisons to send him the cost of fare was £2 and was charged to Gaol Dept.
Paddy informed me he was only a small boy when he came here first and as he appears at least 40 years of age now he must have been here a number of years.
I have made enquiries here for McKell but no one here knows anything about him, perhaps Mr Frank Connor or some of the Duracks Perth could supply the information.
Sgt Buckland

The Commissioner of Police
Forwarded for your information
J McCarthy
Acting Sub Inspr

Forwarded to Chief Protector of Aborigines

Dr to A B Robinson, Derby
Apr 5 to May 31, 1909
Maintenance of native Paddy 47 days @ 9d
Total £1-15-3
Signed by claimant Arthur R Adams R. M.

Sergeant Buckland, Wyndham
I have received an account from the Treasury Paymaster, Derby, in favour of Mr A B Robinson, for the maintenance of the native Paddy, from the 15th April to the 31st May last. On the 6th May last you wrote to the Acting Sub-Inspector, Derby, stating that the native Paddy had been sent to Port Darwin, “and left here on the 24th ultimo,” which would be the 24th April, and yet the claim above mentioned covers his maintenance to the 31st May. Will you please let me have further information relative to this matter.
Chief Protector of Aborigines
June 22, 1909

31st July 09
To Chief Protector of Aborigines, Perth
The native Paddy otherwise known as Newry Jack was sent away from here on 24th Feby 09 on S S Nelson.
The A B Robinson is a Constable I believe in West Kimberley and the a/c form refer to must be for another native named Paddy.
Sgt Buckland

Katitjin Notes:

Newry Station is a cattle station on the border of WA and Northern Territory. It was established in 1886 by Connor and Doherty on the banks of the Keep River and was later purchased by Patsy (Patrick) Durack and remained in the Durack family until 1950.

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