Item 1909/0041

State Records Archive
Consignment: 652
Item: 1909/0041
Title: Native Affairs – Bremer Bay

Keywords: Edward Hanna, Bremer Bay, Hoppy Briton, rationing

To: Chief Protector of Aborigines, Perth
Jan 9th, 1909
An old native a cripple Hoppy Briton sixty years of age has applied to me for rations. He is unable to work and is urgently in need of assistance. Kindly advise immediately if approved.
E Hanna

To Postmaster, Bremer Bay
Please place Hoppy Briton on relief list at 6d per day.
E D P [Edmund Pechell]

Katitjin Notes:

Hanna, Edward (d.1933)
Edward Hanna was the postmaster at Bremer Bay for two years, where he was named as Protector of Aborigines. Bremer Bay at that time was a telegraph station and depot for rations. Born in Victoria, Hanna was a telegraphist but came to Western Australia with the Mt Magnet gold rush. After prospecting for several years, he returned to his job as telegraphist and worked throughout the Goldfields. After Bremer Bay he was posted to Wellington Dam, Toodyay and Guildford, but it is not known if he continued in his role as Protector.

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