Royal Commissions

Western Australian Royal Commissions

1905 Royal Commission on the Condition of the Natives (Roth Report)

1908 Royal Commission to Enquire into the treatment of Aboriginal Natives by the Canning Exploration Party.

1927 Royal Commission of Inquiry into alleged killing and burning of bodies of Aborigines in East Kimberley and into Police Methods when effecting arrests; Report

1935 Royal Commission to investigate, report and advise upon matters in relation to the condition and treatment of Aborigines. (Moseley Report)

1973 Royal Commission upon various allegations of assaults on or brutality to prisoners in Fremantle Prison and of discrimination against Aboriginal or Part-Aboriginal prisoners therein

1974 Royal Commission upon All Matters Affecting the Well-Being of Persons of Aboriginal Descent in Western Australia

1975 Royal Commission to Inquire into and report upon certain incidents in which Aborigines were involved in the Laverton area

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