Anonymous Letter

State Records Office of Western Australia
Cons. 987
Item 2
Submissions of evidence – A (2), B, C-D, Carrolup Mission, E, F-K, L-M, Moseley, H D (Royal Commission); N-P, S; Rischbeith, Bessie; R, T-Z.

Folder “A”:
Anonymous letter regarding treatment at the Moore River Native Settlement

[This letter is written in pencil and not signed]

Rec’d at Perth on 8/10/34

This is the treatment we get from Mr Neal in the Settlement. This is what they do, he get two Black policeman to hold the girls down over the flour bag & twisting their shoulders out, and while Neals behind with a big waddy. And when the girls get up they could hardly stand with weakness. You’ll have to alter this matter if not the parents of the girls will see to the public about it, to see if its fear[sic] under the British Act. Dear Sir Mosely