Transcripts of Evidence

The transcripts of the evidence taken by the Commissioners of the Moseley Report are the recorded statements from a variety of witnesses in response to questioning by the Commissioners. The transcripts make for very interesting reading and provide an insight into the attitudes of the key stakeholders of the time, in particular, A O Neville, the Chief Protector of Aborigines for Western Australia. It is also significant that a number of Aboriginal activists, such as the Harris family, are also represented.

The transcripts are contained in the following microfilm held at the State Records Office of Western Australia:
Cons 2922/1-2
Title: Transcript of evidence 1934
Item 1 & Item 2

The following list is the names of the witnesses who gave evidence for the Royal Commission (the page numbers refer to the pages of the transcripts; however, the transcripts themselves have been uploaded here according to each witness)


ATKINSON, Dr.R.C.E., Commissioner of Health 527

BENNETT, Mrs M.M., Women’s Service Guild 213

BROMHAM, Miss Ada., W.C.T.U. 551

BROPHY, T., Aboriginal 571

BROWN, Mable A.T., Missionary 577

BRYAN, Dr.C.P. 346

CAMPBELL, Mrs G., Matron, East Perth Girls Home 433

CANNING, A.W., Surveyor 189

CLIFTON, A.G., Retired Warden 438

COVERLEY, A.A.M., M.L.A. 396

DINAH, A., Aboriginal 423

DOULL, Dorothy,G., Formerly at Moore River 427

EGAN, J., Half-Caste 566

EGAN, J., Jr Half-Caste 568

EGAN, Melba., Half-Caste 569

HAMERSLEY, H., Formerly/Assistant Under Secy for Lands 467

HARRIS, G.A., Retired farmer 410

HARRIS, Mary, A. 464

HARRIS, N.C., Miner, Rothsay 179

HEDGES, J.T., Formerly farm assistant, Moore River 450

HOGBEN, Rev.E.W., Presbyterian Minister 444

HUELIN, J.F., Under Secretary 547

ISAACS, S.A., Aboriginal 334

JOYNER, Mrs E.R.P., Women’s Service Guild 330

LANDON, Mrs V.M., Employment Broker 501

LOVE, Rev.J.R.B., Port George IV Mission 583

MIPPY, A., Half-Caste 460

MITCHELL, E.O., Formerly Inspector of Aborigines 476, 512

MORLEY, N.M., Austn Aborigines Amelioration Assn 134

MORRISON, Annie, Aboriginal 573

MURIEL, Rev A. 415

NANNUP, D., Aboriginal 574

NEVILLE, A.O., Chief Protector of Aborigines 1, 595, 668
Neville’s Evidence:
Monday, 12 March 1934 (Day 1)
Tuesday, 13 March 1934 (Day 2)
Wednesday, 14 March 1934 (Day 3)

PALMER, C.B., Farmer 564

REID, Jessie W.C.T.U., 507


SANDERSON, W.L., Secretary, Pastorallsts Assn 659

STEWART, J.L., De Grey Pastoral Coy 652

STONEMAN, Dr. E.T., 380

THOMPSON, A., Half-Caste 574

VALLANCE, Mrs M.B., Women’s Service Guild 318

WALLAM, W., Aboriginal 424

WARMADEAN, Mary., Half-Caste 561

WITHNELL, J.A., Retired Pastoralist 337