Settler Records

This is a bibliography of early published books, journals, diaries, etc, that include information about First Nations Peoples in the region of Western Australia. Some of the items have links to online versions of these texts as well as extracts from those accounts.

Cross, Joseph. 1833. Journals of Several Expeditions Made in Western Australia, during the years 1829, 1830, 1831, and 1832, under the sanction of the governor, Sir James Stirling. London: J Cross
Online edition here
Referring to the fact that early British settlers had to endure “hardships and terrors,” Cross ironically calls the settlers “Terrorists [page xvii]

Gregory, Augustus Charles and Francis Thomas. 1884. Journals of Australian Explorations, Brisbane: Govt Printer.
These journals describe eight expeditions undertaken by the Gregory brothers in Western, Northern and Central Australia between 1846 and 1861, including their exploration of the east and north of the Swan River in 1846.
Online edition at the National Library

Gregory, Francis Thomas. 1859. Exploration of the Murchison, Lyons, and Gascoyne Rivers in Western Australia: Communicated to the Colonial Office, Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, Vol. III, Iss. 1.
Online at

Gregory, Francis Thomas. 1862. Expedition of the North-West Coast of Australia: Communicated to the Colonial Office.
Online at the National Library

Gribble, John Brown. 1886. Dark Deeds in a Sunny Land, or, Blacks and Whites in North-west Australia, Perth, 86 pages.
Online at the National Library

Grey, George. 1841. Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-west and Western Australia, during the years 1837, 1838, and 1839. London: T & W Boone.
Volume 1 online here
Volume 2 online here
Extracts – accounts of resistance by Worrorra warriors

Landor, Edward Wilson. 1847. The Bushman: Life in a New Colony, London: Richard Bentley.
Online at
Extract: Chapter 5: How the Laws of England Affect the Natives
This chapter reveals how early settlers and government officials were well aware that the land had been seized from the Noongar Nation without consent or treaty.

Richardson, Alexander Robert. 1886. The Nickol Bay Tribe. In E. M. Curr (ed.), The Australian Race, Melbourne: Government Printer, pp296-301.
Online at

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