“Katitjin,” also spelled “kaartdjin,” is a Noongar word meaning “knowledge,” as well as “learning in a way that brings understanding.”

This Katitjin website is a repository of historical primary source materials taken from newspapers, state and federal government archives, library archives, journals, and other primary sources that relate to the dispossession and colonisation, as well as the resistance and resilience of the Aboriginal people and nations within Western Australia. Many of the materials uploaded here from WA State Records Office and the State Library Archives are not yet available online from those institutions, and it is hoped that this website will be most valuable in providing important documents for historians, genealogists and general researchers outside of the Perth metropolitan area, who might not otherwise have access to this material. Furthermore, although there are some materials uploaded here that are already available online (such as newspaper articles and parliamentary documents), this website aims to bring these varied sources together in one archive.

This website is constantly being updated, so if you find that a link is broken, please let us know.

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